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RIP Symbiosis 11/17/2012-12/05/2014 by Bahmo
RIP Symbiosis 11/17/2012-12/05/2014
So, this title deserves some explanation.

Two years ago, I began reading the Pokemon Adventures manga, and like many, I was very touched by the Ruby and Sapphire arc, as well as impressed with its rather subversive approach to anime and manga tropes.  They gave fans one of the best (and only) canon couples in the Pokemon franchise.  Unfortunately, they also decided to drop the ball and have Ruby wimp out of the relationship for some reason. 

This has caused a lot of resentment from myself and others, and quite a cottage industry of so-called "Franticshipping" fanfics has sprung up to satisfy us when the manga couldn't.  Sadly, I couldn't find any that really suited my wishes, and so after some amount of time, I decided I might as well write it myself.  You can read it here:… It took over a year to finish, but garnered overwhelmingly positive reactions, and was written so that it wouldn't contradict anything else in the manga and could thus be seen as the canon sequel to the Ruby and Sapphire arc.  After all, the GBA games aren't obsolete with regard to trading up Pokemon, so they're probably never going to get remade, and that means unlike the Kanto and Johto cast, Ruby and Sapphire will not show up again in the manga, right?

Well, not anymore.  When they announced, around the time my fanfiction concluded, that the games were, in fact, going to be remade, I had a feeling which way things were going.  It took a long time past that announcement to get any news of the manga having an update, and because it's been running behind the games since they began to be released with greater frequency, there was the chance that it wouldn't happen.  Alas, the news finally came that a remake arc would exist:… , presumably premiering on December 5, 2014, which means that on that day, my fanfiction ceases to be canon-friendly.

I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy or toot my own horn here, but I'm proud of that story.  Like nothing else before it, it was something of my creation that was widely lauded by others online, which boosted my self-esteem, because for the most part, I'm the one doing the admiring of other people's online works.  Most people draw better than me, and color better than me, and play guitar better than me, and model better than me, etc.  Writing is the one talent I feel I have, even though I didn't really ask for it, and so I figured I might as well flex that one muscle.  It worked out well for me.

Also, spoiler: The fanfiction ends up well; unlike the manga.  The advent of the new arc has me eager, but also a little worried--is Hidenori Kusaka going to screw us out of the two ending up together again?  I really hope not, but based on some things I've read about the way these so-called Kodomo (Note: Japanese for "child) manga go, I can't help but dread that possibility.  Also, there's the possibility the thing will be rushed crap given how many other duties the mangaka has right now. 

So in event that the remake arc ends up sucking, here's a eulogy to my fanction, depicting one of the more memorable scenes.  I think I did well enough on the bodies, but I can't help but find the faces iffy; particularly Ruby's.  I hope to color it in, and hopefully I can touch it up a bit in the process.  Enjoy, I guess.
DC Universe Online: Man Man by Bahmo
DC Universe Online: Man Man
Based on an old MST3K joke; except I made him a villain instead of a hero.  My headcanon is he's a champion of humanity who fears Metahumans, so he throws in with Lex Luthor.  He uses a pistol and Gadgets.
DC Universe Online: Throbbin' Wood by Bahmo
DC Universe Online: Throbbin' Wood
I'll admit, I made this guy just because I wanted to use that joke as a name, and I had no other idea for the Bow power-up.
DC Universe Online: Panthawk by Bahmo
DC Universe Online: Panthawk
An OC.  He was intended as sort of a Black Panther Party type, plus Thanagarian wings.  His weapons are rifles and swords.
Natsumi Hinata in DC Universe Online 1 by Bahmo
Natsumi Hinata in DC Universe Online 1
The irritable redhead from Sergeant Frog joins the Green Lantern Corps (Hey; it made sense to me)!

I love replicating pre-existing, somewhat obscure characters in this game.  I actually got Natsumi's school uniform pretty close; except that the female version of the "Business" top doesn't have a tie.  I'll be doing other outfits later. (Let's see how well I can approximate the "Powered" suit.)
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So, if you were tuned into the right media outlets starting yesterday, you know about the big reveal of Sonic Boom, both the game and the TV show.  I saw the videos, and my interest was mildly piqued, but this being a series I haven't bought for almost a decade (guess which game broke me), I was hardly wowed.  Then I stumbled onto Polygon and read this:… , and I just about did this (Warning, probably NSFW):…

Not since the writings of :iconvertekins: has something made me want stand up and cheer so much, and unlike her writings, this is a manifesto for a game.  Moving away from mindless speed obsession?  Check.  Exploration?  Check.  Bringing Sonic's friends back into a playable role?  Double check.  Giving them all different, useful abilities instead of using Wisps to give Sonic all of the abilities?  Check.  Amy Rose as a flat-out badass?!  Check!  Better plot?  Check.  I might actually feel inclined to look over my shoulder and see if these "Big Butt" guys (seriously; that's what I read their name as) are spying on me, but I'm too thrilled to be nervous, because these are all of the things I've been begging for, to varying degrees, for far too long--some of them over a decade.  It's like the developers took a look at all of those idiots, including players, reviewers, and even Sonic Team themselves for a while, who insist Sonic should be nothing but a shallow speedy boost-fest, and said, "You know what?  No.  Fuck that overrated Dimps shit.  We're going back to making an actual game!"

It's still early, and of course, it's still possible the game will be bad.  I have a hard time seeing one with that much announced about it, but it's always possible.  But if it's bad, that will be the fault of the execution; not the concept.  Meanwhile, when you have a concept like Shadow the Hedgehog or the use-the-boost-to-get-through games that scared me to all new levels when Sega called them "Modern Sonic", even if you execute it perfectly, you'll still be left lacking.  This sort of thing has already started on the right foot, and I cannot wait to read, hear, or see more.


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